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The secret of inflatable slides - why kids are like slippery play

1, Inflatable slide can give children the speed and excitement.
In the inflatable slide soft material slide down, rubbing the skin, is a way to know the natural, feel the real rhythm of life. Speed to bring the children to the most primitive enjoyment, just as adults in the pursuit of speed in the same stimulus, racing, gliding, sprinting, surfing and so on.

2, inflatable slide can control the risk.
Inflatable slides are greatly reduced in height, and small frictions are a great challenge and risk for the children, but the inflatable slide is soft and comfortable, and both sides of the slide have guardrail protection, making the children feel at play Be completely controllable.

3, to strengthen the understanding of the laws of nature and their own balance of exercise.
From the slide on the effortlessly easy to slide down, the children are the use of gravitational instincts. In the play, master the balance of ability, so that children learn the new skills virtually. The children are full of intriguing ideas for fresh and wonderful natural principles, and establish cognitive systems in constant attempts to play.

4, inflatable slides to play the more children, the more able to attract children to play.
The child's herd mentality so that the inflatable slide becomes very lively, rarely see a child playing slides, many children play with fun, you catch me, the atmosphere is harmonious. And age similar to the small partners to play together, but also enhance the fun of playing fun.


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