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Investment analysis of small children's playground

What is the prospect of children's small amusement parks?

With the development of the city, more and more people are aiming at children's small amusement parks. What is the prospect of children's small amusement parks? In a word: very rich way. Small children's playground is characterized by: large demand, less investment, simple management, low consumption, high profits, basically belong to a long-term return of investment, is very conducive to investment in a project.

1 children, a small playground location: it is essential to choose small playgrounds for children, the important factors influencing the yield on site.

Business activity concentrated area
Densely populated area
Passenger flow center
Population gathering area

The success stories of children's small amusement parks mostly depend on large shopping malls, supermarkets, plazas and so on.

2, how much is it to open a small children's playground?
(1) personal ability: how much money do you have, how much you intend to invest, what size you want to open, and what size?
(2) consumption level: first tier city or second tier city, urban or village?
(3) Venue: where is your playground, the city center or the suburbs, the super business park or the garden square?

(4) how many children invest in the amusement park project?

3. Choose "good" children's Mini playground equipment
"Good" equipment is the most profitable equipment on the site. In view of their own site location and consumer preferences for a comprehensive consideration, select the most profitable rides.

Philharmonic treasure company designed to launch the best combination of children's Playground: naughty Fort + coin entertainment machine, this model certified by the market, the customer reflects the doubling of revenue.

4, determine the cost-effective equipment for children's play manufacturers

Considering the new equipment, quality, price, factory strength, after-sales service and other factors, to determine the highest cost-effective children playground equipment manufacturers.

5, children's small playground publicity

Open a small playground to do the pre publicity, using a variety of propaganda covered the crowd advertised around, such as advertising, brochures, SMS, vouchers, coupons, gifts, group activities and so on, to open a small children's playground friends welcome exchanges.

6. Matters needing attention in the management of children's small amusement parks
Business status check
Inspection of facilities and facilities in amusement parks
Business bills, zero counting

Site cleaning, visitor guidance

7. Promotion of children's Mini playground
Follow-up promotion: group activities, parent-child games, happy early childhood, etc., the use of recreational projects continue to increase the popularity of children's small playground.


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