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Take the basic knowledge of play equipment

With the development of science, social progress, and modern amusement rides full use of the mechanical, electrical, light, sound, water, power and other advanced technology, set informative, interesting, science, adventure in one, deep by the majority of young people generally love children, and their rich people's entertainment, exercise the people's physique cultivate people's sentiments, beautify the urban environment play a positive role.
      As soon as the holidays, parents will have to accompany their children into the amusement park, enjoy, leisure time pleasure. In order for you and your child play both fun and safe, the use of recreational facilities should pay attention to:
1, take the large-scale recreational facilities, please look for "safety inspection" logo.
2, when you decide to play some rides, you have to carefully look at the "Passengers" and the related "warning signs", "Passengers" will tell some of the precautions to take when at the same time propose who should not ride. According to their physical condition and capabilities, does not meet the height or age conditions do not ride irritating high equipment.
3, in the play, the visitors is an important member of the security. For your safety, you must comply with safety regulations. Equipment operation, you do not any part of the hands, arms, legs and other body out from the car, do not arbitrarily unfasten their seat belts, open the safety pressure bar.
4. Do not place glasses, cameras, bags, keys and other items to carry around and easy to fall off into the compartment.
5, to obey the command staff, in order from top to bottom, firmly secured a good help, do not be allowed to enter the isolated area.
6, in operation if unforeseen circumstances, not alarmed, tamper with, in the original position and wait for rescue workers, do not arbitrarily unfasten their seat belts, open the safety pressure bar.
7, take the End rides, you must obey the command staff and guide, do not stand too busy to get off, and other equipment after a certain stop, take off his seat belt and safety pressure bar, guided by the station staff out from the outlet quarantine area.


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