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Implement the most stringent EU standards Toys

From this year on July 20, the EU began to implement the EU's "new toy safety directive" (hereinafter referred to as the "Directive") in its member countries, the Act is referred to the history of the EU "the most stringent" toy safety standards, physics, chemistry mechanical, electrical, health and many other toys made "the world's most stringent requirements." The European Commission said the purpose of the implementation of the new standards is to ensure that children's health and safety. Insiders pointed out that, if you are toys in a supply chain, it must comply with the "instruction" in order to make toys exported to the European market.
Proscribed restricted chemicals
Increased from eight kinds of 85 kinds
"Toughest" from "instructions" to the standard toy physics and chemistry can be seen. For example, toys and accessories must have sufficient stability to prevent broken toys, deformation caused by injury; to prevent the presence of sharp points on toys, sharp edges or protruding parts, and may cause a choking hazard around the neck of the cords and cables, and Beware of the presence of metal toy edge burr to minimize harm to human body.
"Instructions" for water toys and toys enclosed space, as well as speed limits, ejection function, temperature, noise and other toys and activity toys are clearly defined. Some toys, such as collapsible scooters, "directive" provides designers or manufacturers need to take into account the likely catch your fingers and other risks and to avoid relative movement of parts of the human body injury.
As early as June 30, 2009, the EU officially launched the EU's "Toy Safety Directive." The instruction has two execution transitional period: the first one is the transition period from July 20, 2011, the enforcement part of the physical and mechanical toy standards; the second is the transition period from July 20 this year, chemical toys component control targets come into force.
"Directive" expressly prohibited and restricted hazardous chemicals from eight kinds to 85 kinds, for the first time more than 300 disabled nitrosamine compounds and carcinogenic, mutagenic, CMR substances affect fertility, migration of elements from the previous limit of 8 elements to 19 species. Compared with the mechanical part of the early implementation two years ago, the definition of toys and chemical safety part of the implementation of more stringent standards.
Businesses fear affect sales
Parents heavier security reasons
Recently, this reporter visited Brussels several toy store. In Avenue Louise, a household decorations shop, the reporter saw all kinds of chic new toy products accounted for more than half of the store. Commenting on the new directive, the owner Melody Mak said: "As a parent of young children, I welcomed new security directive, but as a business, I am also worried toy prices will lead to slowdown of the toy market sales continue lower. The new law is good, there are disadvantages, but the products must have a good quality no doubt about it. "
July coincided with the Europeans "holiday season" in the shops in the center of Brussels, a lot of foreign tourists in the selection of toys for the children. With the whole family in a toy store "shopping tour" Parents told this reporter, in the selection of toys, she will pay particular attention might be a child might swallow small parts and small toy parts, is particularly worried about the large volume of sound toys young children may cause damage to hearing. She said: "I am more willing to give the children to buy toys traditional materials, because they use less paint and other chemical coatings, the possibility of heavy metal content is unlikely, however, children like cartoon fashion plastic toys, the new directive. after the launch, I would consider promised the children they purchase request. "
Another young mother from Denmark, told reporters that the child's curiosity is very strong, not only like a hand, "just the right" toys, with your eyes "looked" toys, but also like to use the tongue "taste" of toys, or toys directly as food to the mouth, so she pay particular attention to the size and volume of the material safety of toys when buying toys.
Production testing costs
The impact of various aspects of the production chain
"Instruction" clause from the original 16 to $ 57 for all sales to the European market toy products, given to the manufacturers, retailers, importers and toy exports to the EU market supply chain members of a new set of responsibilities. How to meet this "the most stringent" of the Toy Safety Directive, and other countries on China's exports to the EU toy manufacturers have raised new challenges.
In Brussels, another that sells children's toys store, the shopkeeper told reporters that the European debt crisis continue to simmer so that customers more sensitive to changes in commodity prices, high-priced toys for Europeans not particularly big attraction . "However, the" command "implementation will drastically increase the cost of production test products, driving up prices of toys, which will certainly impact the store's business."
The EU is China's second largest toy export market. According to statistics, 60 percent of China's toy exports from Guangdong. Media analysis, this would include Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places many toy export enterprises have an impact.
Each one more request, it means a little more cost. There are Chinese toy manufacturers' grievances, "said the tedious, demanding inspection program, bringing the high cost of testing, as well as the high cost of equipment upgrades. For example, the most common inspection cost plush toys, it may exceed twice the original price of the product.
Insiders pointed out that, if you are toys in a supply chain, it must comply with the "instruction" in order to make toys exported to the European market. EU face "harsh" new rules, manufacturers, importers, distributors and other aspects must be a positive response. Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian suggested that toy manufacturers in addition to actively respond to changes in standards, but should improve the overall competitiveness. Chinese enterprises have many positive factors and ways to enhance their competitiveness, such as research and development of new products, specialty products, cultivate independent brands, innovative business model and so on. Academic term with a little talk, is an extension of the value chain, from the previous companies bear only the manufacturing sector, extending to the upstream product design, branding, supply of raw materials and downstream sales channels.


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