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Playground Equipment Category Knowledge

First, play equipment:
Playground Equipment means for business purposes, running in a closed area, carrying tourists recreational facilities. With the development of science, social progress, and modern amusement rides full use of the mechanical, electrical, light, sound, water, power and other advanced technology, set informative, interesting, science, adventure in one, deep universally loved by the young people, children. To enrich people's entertainment, exercise the people's physique cultivate people's sentiments, beautify the urban environment play a positive role.
Second, the type of play equipment.
A wide range of modern children's play equipment, structure and movement pattern variety, size specifications disparities, appearance is different. Currently rides based on motion characteristics is divided into 13 major categories, namely: switch horses, sliding type, gyro class, Flying tower, racing, controlled aircraft category, class Ferris wheel, train category, class aerial tour, photoelectric shooting class, water rides, bumper car class, car batteries, etc., a total of 15 main criteria.
Third, the safe use of recreational facilities.
Pleasure must be safe, security amusement. When you want to use the children's play equipment safety inspection marks Note: In accordance with state regulations, the periodic inspection with amusement and play equipment for one year period, where after qualifying rides safety inspection, quality and technical supervision departments issued safety inspection marks , and paste it in the eye-catching rides where visitors do not take the subject, the subject is not unqualified or extended rides take note Notes: conspicuous place in children's play equipment are installed in "passengers", to read carefully before take the line, do not climb over the fence.
1, before boarding passengers must wait outside the security fence, people lined up for a long time, we must not climb over the fence.
2, to be accompanied by their parents: are not allowed to ride the rides alone service personnel obey the command: Command passengers up and down in accordance with the order of the staff. Up and down the car, please pay attention to the head and the foot, so as not to bump or fall.
3, pay attention to fasten your seat belt: Before rides on the move do not grab grabbed on to wear a seatbelt when riding, to check if it is safe and reliable, please run his hands clenched safety handle or other safety devices, safety belt must not be untied.
4. Do not extend body parts EVA: When passengers rides on the seat being good sitting posture, do not walk, must not be the hands and feet, head, and other parts stretched extravehicular avoid bumps, scratches , abrasions.
5, do not intentionally shake the cockpit is prohibited without permission to open the passenger door do not stand to take pictures.
6, rides in operation, must not be arbitrary stand or squat, but not allowed to take pictures in the operation Take good care comes Item: running, you should take good care of own goods, not scattered outward, throwing off easily falling equipment, etc., please take off in advance.
7, when accidents do not panic: play equipment in operation when the power failure and other failures, the staff did not notice before, do not get off, only the cockpit is the safest, waiting for emergency ride racing, karting should CAUTION: take the car, not wearing karting coat around a long scarf, long hair or long braids, otherwise the risk of water recreation to prevent accidents.
 8, surround the pool and making waves in the pool, be careful not to head toward the suction port and a water spout place, to prevent accidental splashing children's slides to safety: Do not stand in the chute, squat stand or upside down ; in the same slide simultaneously prohibit or two lockstep decline; into the water to be quickly left to avoid collision.


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