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Investment prospect analysis of inflatable water amusement park

Market prospect: the Palin Inflatable water park is a new product, the imported polymer material, a molding, has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, tear resistance of. 

Especially for children, children has a huge market, investment of thousands or tens of thousands, in the park, walking street, commercial plaza to find the right the site can be open, many projects are not limited to the summer, all the year round business, faced with a huge market demand, investment inflatable water park is definitely a wise choice.

01 consumer groups

Palin inflatable water park is facing the demand of personnel specially designed, with convenient installation, safety, hygiene, mobile water park, without special venues, supporting water inflatable castles, water slides, inflatable bouncers, water toys and other products, can establish a children's entertainment center, the investment can be can be small.
02 investment scale
A covering several acres of large water park, water slide tower equipment, Inflatable slides, water jump bed, mini seesaw, single water for water recreation facilities, as well as Meng Meng cartoon swimming ring shape, water toys, single ticket price to sell up to 60 yuan per person. Because of the water right and left Park safety, summer fun, business is very good, especially on weekends, holidays, and limits the staff. A small investment would find a suitable place (Park, pedestrian street, commercial plaza), a large inflatable pool, a water drum or a dozen remote ship investment more than 10000 can be opened, tickets can also 10-20 yuan per person.
03 product advantages
Compared with the traditional swimming pool, where the project is relatively simple, it is pure swimming; there was no significant difference in the price, the inflatable music Park in addition to swimming, you can also experience the water sitting on the seesaw, slide, water trampoline and other fun and exciting projects, the children more love and has the following advantages:
(1) a wide range of adaptation, water depth adjustable
(2) the site is suitable for use in squares, parks, playgrounds, kindergartens, families, courtyards, residential quarters, etc.
(3) energy conservation and water resources
(4) the use of safe, inflatable pool wall for stress, all round flexible structure, resulting in drowning accidents of children not leisure.
(5) clean and sanitary, direct use of standard tap water, regular water treatment and water replenishment
(6) it is easy to install and disassemble, easy to manage
Inflatable water park, the biggest problem is to solve the problem of water, of course, any investment is a problem, but the investment inflatable water park, is the biggest problem of water only, compared to other investment problems, this hard problem easier.


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