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What's an inflatable slide?

What's an Inflatable slide?
The slides and some other inflatable toys are children's amusement equipment children love, but we usually see a recreation facilities more, because they rushed out, good elasticity, children in the above or jump, or dance, or run, like walking on air. Also do not ache, therefore, we believe that the safety factor and the happiness index were relatively high. This is really good?
What should children pay attention to when they are playing inflated slides?
Now we simply explore the children's amusement equipment in the inflatable slide, in the use of the process, parents and children should pay attention to what matters
First, because of the children in these children's amusement equipment is excited, may be a lot of sweat, parents pay attention to children sweat in a timely manner, to avoid the child catch a cold.
Second, parents take good care of them, so as to avoid children from running, bumping and bumping
Third, before children inflate the slide, check whether there is any leakage, in order to avoid children's amusement equipment discouraged, causing suffocation of children, dangerous
Fourth, these recreational facilities should be regularly disinfected to ensure that children are able to avoid bacterial damage during play
Fifth, children must go barefoot on the rides before they can inflate the slides, and try not to bring any metal or hard equipment on them so as not to cut through the children's rides or hurt themselves and others
Recreation equipment are the important carrier to accompany children's growth, commitment and share the joy and the children see childhood believe these precautions or can let children have a very happy recreation experience, is a picture of their childhood with big smile!


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