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Maintenance and repair of inflatable tent inflatable tent features

Inflatable tent features 
General requirements for inflatable tent is lightweight, simple to assemble, hold up fast, rigid stability of long duration, waterproof, comfortable to use, easy maintenance, long service life, and special environmental adaptability.
Its products are generally used principles of structural mechanics design framework, the use of gas pressure characteristics of the air bag inflates, forming a cylinder having a certain rigid inflatable tents propped up through a combination of organic skeleton. With strong reinforcing material size used, you can set tents bearing size, the merits of using a polymer coating properties, determine the service life of the frame rigid to maintain the framework, and the gas chamber set reasonable, the decision limit hold up the entire frame.
Various valves (pneumatic valves, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valves, safety valves, etc.) determine the overall performance of inflatable tents reflect, pneumatic the pace, the speed of the exhaust gas, inflatable restraint limits, excellent air tightness bad, adaptability special environments valve ......., etc., and material selection of the various valves, in the form of structural design, but also led to the development of the charge exhaust means.
In addition, the selection and choice of accessories Punta body tarp also determines the usefulness, suitability, special environmental value in use inflatable tent and so on. Of course, the product aesthetics and humanity will affect the promotion of universal applications of their products.
Maintenance and repair of inflatable tents:
Inflatable tent maintenance
When using inflatable tent can not be in contact with sharp objects, so as not to scratch the airbag
Inflatable tents in strict accordance with the instructions of the operating instructions when using, use should first follow the precautions specification.
Summer high temperature gas shall not exceed the above-specified criteria, and always check the air pressure is too high should be appropriately deflated slightly lower temperatures during winter and in the morning to pay attention to the proper fill pressure, so as not to affect the normal use.
Not with the object and the temperature above 70 ℃ fire close, TPU products to avoid prolonged contact with more than 50 ℃ objects.
Inflatable tent repair
1, to find the leak point that is at the balloon is scratched.
2, to cut the airbag material surface and the same surface at the leak to clean up, special circumstances need to be polished.
3, to pay attention to before bonding glue environment, the operating environment must be kept clean.
4, gluing must be uniform, consistent width, drain brush or glue accumulation phenomenon can not appear.
5, the gluing must be strictly controlled drying time, after the first pass until the glue dried, before the brush a second time, the bonding operation can be carried out until after the second time the glue dried.
6, after the adhesive is complete, should be parked more than 24 hours before use.


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