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How does the child inflatable castle earn money?

How does the child inflatable castle earn money?

This is a seemingly complex thing, but the summary is nothing more than the following:
1.Site, market inspection
2.Buy inflatable castle
3.Supporting structures
4.Equipment maintenance and cleaning

5.Business skills

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Choose a good product, novel and fun, environmentally friendly, the children can play the fun, of course, parents can rest assured that the children play, the venue are doing the premise of water park work, it depends on your Vision, anyway, the summer water project is a good investment projects Oh less investment, high returns, low security risks.

Need to focus on the following:

Safety is always in the first place, and now the outdoor inflatable castle by the wind and rain and snow weather problems seriously affect the normal operation of the recent frequent inflatable castle was overturned caused by more than the impact of children affected by the incident, many parents do not want Called the child to play inflatable castle, then the business must consider how to operate in a special environment inflatable castle that need to add more inflatable castle anchor, transformation of the rope is not strong, if necessary, contact manufacturers modified inflatable castle fixed device, So that in a strong wind environment firmly fixed live inflatable castle. The same as the inflatable castle is the use of pvc material he is flammable material, must take into account the fire, the installation of fire water pipes and emergency access, and have a personal duty, for children should have someone to monitor, for children's dangerous behavior to be strict Stop, so as to avoid the impact of security incidents such as falls. As well as fire extinguishers and emergency measures should be fully equipped for children's play equipment, the use of instructions and precautions to strictly abide by the reduction should be caused by unnecessary use of unnecessary losses, followed by the responsibility to clear the rides due to quality problems caused by loss or The use of improper use of business losses to clear the subject of responsibility, in short, always safe to put in the first position.


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