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How to do the safety precautions for children's play equipment in winter?

Winter is dry and cold season, dry when there is a fire accident. Engaged in children's amusement equipment is no exception. Security measures in winter how to do the children's amusement equipment? Children's amusement equipment security includes two aspects, one is the security of the business environment, the two is security of children's amusement equipment.
For the first business environment how to do safety prevention measures, operation of the children's amusement equipment environment than indoor and outdoor, indoor the first to check the security channel and the fire channel is smooth, there is no inflammable and explosive debris accumulation, line electrical equipment aging, short circuit hidden. It should have outdoor fire hazards check around, don't put the stove beside the children's amusement equipment, electric heaters and other heating equipment, of course, but also to check the electrical equipment line is aging, the problem short circuit.
Then again, children's amusement equipment safety precautions, children's amusement equipment of various types, we must first ensure that the equipment itself is clean and neat, the inside of the equipment and the presence of a large number of bottom debris or dust, so please be removed. The cold winter weather, should always check whether you need to add or replace the lubricating oil, especially directly affect the normal operation of equipment, hydraulic system, pneumatic system to check the air compressor and the cylinder air inlet and outlet is blocked, if there is ice. More important of course is the electrical wiring, do one circuit check every week, replacing the aging parts and lines, solve safety problems. Other safety requirements, amusement equipment should be set up eye-catching safety signs in place and parts necessary. Signs are prohibited signs (red), warning (yellow), logo (blue), suggesting that standard There are four types of Chi (green)
Here we must emphasize in the air running part of amusement equipment, such as a luxury horse, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, such projects require the whole structure to play its important parts to be solid and reliable, should adopt the insurance measures. Hanging by one part of wire rope or chain with the number of not less than two. When the amusement equipment in operation, power failure or sudden power equipment, endanger the passenger safety, must be equipped with an emergency stop device automatically or manually. The risk of large recreation facilities, the safety belt, safety pressure bar, rod like and so on.


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