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Color water walking Ball

  • Summer water games inflatable water rolling ball, giant water balls, water walking ball
Summer water games inflatable water rolling ball, giant water balls, water walking ball

Summer water games inflatable water rolling ball, giant water balls, water walking ball

  • Material: TPU
  • Size: Dia= 2m
  • Delivey time:5-7 working days
  • Price : $ 280
  • Product description: At approximately 7 feet tall, the inflatable walk on water ball will provide hours of fun on the water. It also allows children and adults to run, roll and flip on water without getting wet.

Summer water games inflatable water rolling ball, giant water balls, water walking ball


Features of  giant water balls

1.At least Double& Triple Stitched, Reinforced Seams.
2.Strength ~ Durability ~ Longevity.
3.Built to withstand commercial use like rentals.
4.One of the longest, extensive & comprehensive warranties in the industry.

5.Easy set up and deflate.

giant water balls Use instruction of water balls:

1. Please ensure that the player wear life jacket in case of the danger.
2.Please ensure the player do not take any keenedged things when playing in the balls.
3.Put the ball at cool place when not used, do not put it together with keenedged things.
4.Please play the ball in good weather .
5.Peaple with heart disease ,high blood pressure and weaker visitors not to participate in the ball game.
6.Please ensure the blower far away the water

giant water balls Details :

Product Name
giant water balls
Transparent/red/pink/green/blue/purple or customized
Dia 1.8m/2m/2.5m or customized
Material thickness
PVC(0.8-1.0mm)    TPU(0.7-1.0mm)
Inflatable time
Less than 5 minutes
Delivery time
5-7 working days ( according to your order qty )
UL/CE approved air pump, Repair kit
PVC tarpaulin packing bag or cartons according to your order qty
Usage Range Party, water park ,zoo, in public, rentals, backyard, etc.

Photos Displaying of giant water balls:

Spare parts of giant water balls:

giant water balls packing include :

Payment Terms:



Sample lead time:

7days after receive your colours and artworks

Production time:

30days after sample approval

Delivery clause:

FOB Shanghai

Terms of payment:

T/T, Western Union

Services :

1. We will provide best quality products and competitive price for you.

2. Give you suggestions for equipment selection. Make design for you according to

your land information and requests.

3. Send engineers to your site to supervise your workers to instal the equipment.

4. Guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park.

giant water balls After-sale service:

1. Blueprint will be provide before production to let you confirm.
2. Take nice and clear photos when production finished and show you, then well packed and deliver.
3. We will show you every step of installation when you're not familiar with our products.
4. If you meet with any question please contact us, we will service until you satisfied.

Factory of water balls:

Certification of water balls:


Q: How to get in/ out of the ball?
A: You can open the zipper opening (Germany High Quality Waterproof TIZIP Zipper) and get in when the ball is deflated. Then close the zipper and inflate the ball. When you are on water, there is always a safety rope on the ball which is used to pull the ball back to shore. When the game is over, open the zipper and you can exit the ball.

Q: What happens if the ball punctures?
A: If there is a leak in the ball when in use, simply signal the supervisor and you will be pulled ashore, please do not panic. The ball will not sink unless it is completely destroyed.

Q: Will you get injured inside a Water Ball?
A: This is 100% safe game as long as it is in compliance with safety rules. You won't even get wet inside this waterproof ball.

Q: What is the maximum weight of user for the Water Ball?
A: Usually 70 kg to 150KG, depending on size and material of the Ball.

Q: Is there oxygen in the Water Ball? How long can you stay inside a Water Ball?
A: Yes, there is oxygen for 20-30 minutes with activity in the ball. One ride/game usually lasts 5-15 minutes (each time).

Q: How to inflate Water Ball?
A: Can inflate with air by an electric air pump. It takes about 90 seconds to inflate a ball. Can be much faster if you inflate by air blower to connect an air tube with the ball.

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