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Inflatable slide

  • Cartoon Car Inflatable slide for sale
  • Cartoon Car Inflatable slide for sale
Cartoon Car Inflatable slide for saleCartoon Car Inflatable slide for sale

Cartoon Car Inflatable slide for sale

  • material ; 0.55 mm PVC
  • size : 12.5*5.6*6 m
  • MOQ : 1 pc
  • EXW Price : 3500 USD
  • Product description: Cartoon Car Inflatable slide

Cartoon Car Inflatable slide for sale


It’s a Cartoon Car out there, so get yourself hooked up with an amazing slide. These inflatable slides are great for any occasion and are sure to give the youngsters a thrill!

Cartoon Car Inflatable slide
The Cartoon Car Inflatable slide features a replaceable sliding and deck pads. The slide is super easy to clean, because it has several air outlets and a removable sheet. Furthermore, this inflatable slide hase no less than 6 anchoring points.
The Cartoon Car Inflatable slide is a fun and spectacular attraction for any event. The bright colors and fun prints on the back will appeal to children of any age.
Slide themes
Our inflatable slides have been a huge hit in the commercial rental market. Due to the high quality of the material and the stitching, our inflatable slides will last for years.
We have a large assortment of slides, which will be a blast at any event, especially because of their fantastic appearance.
This inflatable slide is available in many themes, such as Clown, Jungle, Fire, Castle, Pirates and Ocean World.

Details :

0.55mm durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin
6*8*4.5 m
Package weight:
120 kg
Package dimensions:
As customized
Available colors:
As the photo or As customized
Price term:
EXW, FOB, CFR are optional
Shipment term:
by sea, by air, by express are optional
fixing kit(fixing material and glue), CE approved air pump and durable vinyl carriage bag
1 piece
Delivery Time: 20 working days
Payment: T/T ; Western Union

Packing :


>Blower 1,1 kW
>Stakes (6 pieces)
>Repair kit
>Transporting bag
>5 year warranty

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