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Paddle boat

  • Amusement park pontoon paddle boat from direct factory in China
Amusement park pontoon paddle boat from direct factory in China

Amusement park pontoon paddle boat from direct factory in China

  • Material: HDPE,PP,PE
  • Size :0.93*0.60*0.2m/1.27*0.825*0.255m
  • MOQ : 5 Pieces
  • Price : 60~150 $
  • Product description: Amusement park pontoon paddle boat from direct factory in China , with factory price, website : www.bestwater game.com .

Amusement park pontoon paddle boat from direct factory in China


(1)Made of high density , hing impact engineering plastic, the boats are UV resistant ,non-aging and shock resistant .
(2) Various colors combination is available.
(3) A mooring ring is also molded outside the rear of boats to tie the boats when not use
(4) Double hull makes the boats virtually impossible to sink
(5) Paddle wheels were designed and positioned scientifically so that operate the hand cranking boat steadily

Size Details :

Item Size of Boat Size of Package Dimension G.T.
Loading Weight
Mini 91*64*21 cm 95*23*64 cm 0.14m³        10kg 20kg
3.1*2.1*0.69 ft 3.1*0.75*2 ft 4.94 ft3       22lb 44lb
107*83*28 cm 128*29.5*83 cm 0.32 m³ 16kg 20kg
4.2*2.7*0.9 ft 4.2*0.9*2.7 cm 10.95ft        35.27lb 44lb
Adult 150*92*32 cm 151*32*92 cm 0.45 m³       27kg 120kg
4.9*3*0.98 ft 4.95*1.05*3 ft 15.9ft          59.5 lb 264.5lb

Photos Displaying:

Spare parts:

Our accessory is engineering plastic (High dencity, resistance to U.V. and unfaded) without any matel, of course except those small screw

How to run paddle boat business?
A. 6 Paddle boats + 1pc 8*8m Inflatable pool
B. 8 Paddle boats + 1pc 8*10 m Inflatable pool
C. 10 Paddle boats + 1pc 10*10 m Inflatable pool
D. 12 Paddle boats + 1pc 10*12 m Inflatable pool
E. 15 Paddle boats + 1pc 10*15 m Inflatable pool

Payment Terms



Sample lead time:

7days after receive your colours and artworks

Production time:

30days after sample approval

Delivery clause:

FOB Shanghai

Terms of payment:

T/T, Western Union

Services :

1. We will provide best quality products and competitive price for you.

2. Give you suggestions for equipment selection. Make design for you according to

your land information and requests.

3. Send engineers to your site to supervise your workers to instal the equipment.

4. Guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park.




Q: What are the size and color of your inflatable products?

A: Size: standard size and custom size. Different standard sizes for different products and there will be detail info about the specific size in the product information. Color: original design color or custom.

Q: Is there any possible that you print my design on the product I order?

A: Yes, we do custom logo printing, color, size and some small particular design. Customer can send us their design requirements after the payment.

Q:What is package for products?

A: PVC carry bag or Carton

Q: Does your blowers have CE//UL approved?

A: yes. We offer the CE or UL approved blowers,according to your local requirements.

Q: What kind of payment can I use?

A: You can pay by Western Union , T/T ,PayPal and Secure Payment .More detail, please contact us for help.

Q: What guarantee can you offer?

A: 2 years warranty, free repair kit and instruction

Q: Where do you ship your products to?

A: Around the world

Q: Can you tell me  shipment method and exact time of arrival ?

A: By air & By Express(DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX): You will receive your package within 14 Calendar days after payment. By Sea:It depends on the destination port.

Q: Is there any import tax, duties or charges included?

A: No, they will be not included.And please check the detail info from your local Customs office.

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